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Mar 20, 2020

“Top 10 Plants: Increasing Awareness of Plants” with Dr. Mary Hockenberry Meyer and Dr. Natalie Bumgarner.

Plant blindness is the inability to “see” the plants around us, that is, to recognize them as separate and important pieces of our surroundings beyond their roles as general background or landscape. But for those who do “see” plants and their varied species, how can they communicate that information and passion to those around them? One potential answer? Lists. Drs. Mary Meyer and Natalie Bumgarner are pioneers in this technique, both coordinating with local partners, experts, media, and the public to spearhead Top Ten Plant programs in their states.

Listen in to learn:

  • How extension initiatives can bridge gaps between experts and the general public
  • Top tips for spearheading programs in your state or region
  • What kinds of partnerships and resources can develop from these initiatives
  • What plants made the list both in Minnesota and Tennessee

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