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Jan 22, 2021

“Sustainable Agriculture in the U.S. vs. the EU: A Comparative Look at Different Approaches to Similar Objectives” with Dr. Scott Hutchins

Government officials in both the United States and the European Union agree that sustainable agriculture is an important and necessary topic today. However, there are many and differing opinions on how to secure sustainability. Today, Dr. Hutchins will discuss two approaches proposed by these different regions, the U.S. Agriculture Innovation Agenda and the Farm to Fork Strategy in Europe, including their goals, their strategies to reach them, and how they can work together to help build a more sustainable world.

Tune in to learn:

  • Research clusters and focus areas for the U.S. Agriculture Innovation Agenda
  • Differences between the two regional approaches for sustainability
  • How the USDA Science Blueprint partners and supports the U.S. Agriculture Innovation Agenda
  • Future opportunities for research and collaboration

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