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Mar 15, 2024

“Recalibrating the Pennsylvania pre-sidedress soil nitrate test recommendations for modern corn production” with Charles White.

Nitrogen management is one of the most important agronomic practices in modern crop production systems. The Pre-Sidedress Soil Nitrate Test, also known as the PSNT, gives farmers an estimation of plant available nitrogen in the soil, allowing them to calculate how much nitrogen the plants still need. The existing PSNT method was developed during the 1990’s. Now, farming practices are improved, altering the amount of nitrogen fertilizer plants need. Thus, it is important to re-calibrate the test so farmers can have a more accurate estimation of nitrogen requirements and reduce the cost of production.  In this episode, Dr. Charlie White shares his insights on re-calibrating the pre-side dress soil nitrate test for modern corn production systems.

Tune in to learn more about:

·        What the Pre-Sidedress Soil Nitrate Test does

·        The importance of Nitrogen mineralization

·        Which improved practices have impacted the test’s accuracy

·        Which factors most impact the test results now

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